The ONE Knowledge Base is an online platform meant for searching the email archives of the community's mailing list. This will, therefore, enable the users of the ONE simulator to search using suitable keywords if their query has already been answered earlier. However, this is no alternative to actual mailing list pointed above.


The information displayed here (hereafter referred to as "Content") is retrieved from various sources (primarily email archives) and displayed as it is – no guarantee on the validity or correctness of the Content is provided. You are advised to properly review the Content before using them. Furthermore, you yourself are solely responsible in case any damage/loss/failure of data/result/publication/other occurs on using the Content provided here.

Further, note that the ONE KB merely presents the historical archives in a searchable format over the Web with the hope that it benefits the community. As such, no violation of copyright and/or intellectual property rights, if any, is intended. In this context, it may also kindly be recollected that the Content presented here have already been viewed by the users of the concerned mailing list.

Still, in case if you have any objection to any part of the Content indexed here, which has been originally posted by you, and you do not wish them to appear here — please send an email with relevant details. Your request, if found genuine, would be worked upon at the earliest possibility.

Finally, note that the ONE KB is an individual effort to help the community and it does not bear any authorization by the Aalto University, the host of the mailing list.

Privacy Policy

The ONE KB does not store any personal identification information. It, however, uses Google Analytics to collect some aggregate statistics on the website usage including, but not limited to, country of origin, visit time and duration, browser and operating system identification, and language. Please refer to the privacy policy of Google Analytics for details.

Such aggregate statistics collected may be used to improve the performance and usability of this website, if at all. Moreover, such data may be presented in public domain in aggregate form. In such case, care would be taken to remove personal identification information, if any, from the concerned data. In simple terms, given such aggregate statistics, it would not be possible to identify you.

Please note that the use of Google Analytics is almost ubiquitous and should not be a deterrent to the use of the ONE KB. The above is only to inform you about your rights. Finally, note that this privacy policy may be updated in the future without any related intimation to the users of this website. Any such change in policy would be refelected here with date.

(Last updated: 08 May 2014)

Source Code

A stripped down version of this application, django_mailman_search, is available in GitHub under the GNU GPLv2 license.


I am Barun Saha. I hold an MS (by Research) degree from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India. You can find more information in my personal website.